Is your Car Having Problems Starting?

It is hard to really say exactly what causes a car to have hard starts, thus, there are many factors that can lead to it. Nevertheless, we will like both you and your mechanic to take a look at some common factors we have listed below:

Car Batteries

It is possible that car batteries can get exhausted when you leave some of the car’s features like light,  air conditioner, etc. while the car is stationary. We are not saying this for sure, but you can as well confirm this by pressing the emergency light of your car. If you notice that the vehicle does not detect the external danger, then it is certain that the battery is discharged, then change it. But in a case where nothing changed even after changing it, we recommend you replace battery completely.

Fuel Filter

Another possible cause can be associated with clogged fuel filter. When some impurities starts building up, affecting the filter that purified the engine, it starts preventing the engine from getting enough to start kick start the car. This can be a situation where the engine can steam, but not enough to move the car. When something like this happens, we recommend you replace the fuel filter.

Spark Plugs

Know this, that spark plugs and Ignition coils are the real “stars” of your engine. Whether it is long-term or not, it will definitely damage your engine. You can dictate this by paying attention to the engine, when it starts coming up with this clicking sound whenever you turn on the ignition key, you have to have at the back of your mind that both the ignition coils, and needs to be changed.


The job of a starter is to kick-start the car engine. So, if it is not doing that job correctly, you make start hearing loud clicks anytime the engine cranks on. Normally, mechanics usually test the starter through the voltage and ground to see if it is directly energised.

But in a situation where it didn’t start, it means that the starter is faulty, therefore needs to be changed. Well, this is totally the job of a mechanic though. But if the starter is on, then there is a possible that it may be having a module or wiring problem. Of that’s the case, then this is where we come in, we will diagnose and repair cable or module issues.


We strongly recommend that you inspect all the fuses under the hood, just beside the vehicle.  The reason for this is that normally, faulty fuse often times stops the car from starting.

Control Module Issue

There are some modules that allows the cars to start, they include the engine control module, immobilizer module, transmission control module, and immobilizer antenna. If any of the above mentioned does not function correctly, there are high possibility that a no-start scenario may arise. But not to worry, we having a group of experts working for us, they have a comprehensive understanding of how these mods work, and can help you diagnose the it at a very affordable rate.

Electrical Wiring Issue

There are few known factors that can cause corrosion: water, and salt. And because of this, the electrical system of the car is vulnerable to the factor. Some factors that can lead to this electrical issue include:

  • A situation where a wire is glued and unsealed.
  • A situation where the engine is cleaned with water.
  • A situation where salt in ground hit some wires in a socket and hit a connector.

When these happens, it is just a matter of time before the corrosion gets worse, thus, can lead to high resistance in the line or damage the line and lose a connection. But in a situation where the wrong line is affected, it is bound to develop a no-bound condition for the car. And like we have always assured you, we always got you covered, both in professionalism, and moderate budget.


If you are observant enough, you will notice that cats are equipped with a device known as the immobilizer system. The job is to protect the cars from any kind of theft, but for it to work, it requires a key. The presence of a working key allows this device (the immobilizer system) to approve every module linked to the machine’s starting mechanism.

But if either you or your mechanic realize you are having issues with your electrical wiring, immobilizer/key, or control module, we are always here to help. Just call us on (312) -998-6862 to schedule an appointment.

If you or a mechanic feels you have a problem with your immobilizer/key, electrical wiring, or control module, we can help!

The next thing is to schedule an appointment by calling (312) -998-6862

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