In Chicago Land Car Keys, we understand the technicality behind car batteries. So, if you need an urgent replacement of your car key batteries, we are here to give you that service as critical as possible.  All you need is to give us a call, and you have your car key battery changed in no time.


You also need to know that good FOBs need strong batteries to function. Although it’s impossible to turn on the machine and remote control functions with it, it is impossible to use the key if it has a low battery. Here in Chicago Land Car Keys, we have a complete inventory of replacement batteries, programming tools, and installation kits on our shelves, waiting to serve all your car key battery needs.  

Again, suppose you are living in the greater Chicago area and need your car key batteries recharged. In that case, Chicago Land Car Keys is your trusted local supplier of reliable car key batteries at a moderate price. We are very much ready to meet the locksmith need of either a foreign or a local car.

Aside from being the best in installing new car key batteries, we also repair damaged locks, cut and program new keys, provide 24/7 emergency locksmith services, and repair damaged locks and ignition systems. It doesn’t just end with installing new batteries; there might also be a need to reprogram the car key or FOB. Here in Chicago Land Car Keys, we offer exclusive automotive programming services specializing in different types and models of car keys, be it metal keys, smart keys, high-security keys, or transponder keys.

We don’t care what might have caused the damage to the car key battery; it may be that the battery has been discharged or that the connectors are not working. We are well equipped to carry out these services; yes, we have both the workforce and the tools to provide our customers with secure access to their vehicles.

Do you drive luxurious cars? Cars like Bentley or Porsche? Getting expensive vehicles can be easy, but changing or recharging the batteries can take a hell of a time; worst-case scenario, it deprives you of the fun of owning a supercar or driving in comfort. As experts in top European car brands like Audi, Land Rover, Bentley, Porsche, Jaguar, BMW, and VW. We offer affordable and quick key fob services for your luxury cars, no matter the model.

Again, if you have lost your keys and need a replacement, worry no more because Chicago Land Car Keys have got your back. The same goes with the FOB battery; if you need to replace your FOB battery or program a new key,  do not bother calling your dealership, which will probably take them weeks to get it done; give us a call today and be glad you did.

As we have mentioned earlier, we store multiple batteries for vehicle keys if you need repair and replacement in your batteries. It is also important to add that we do this in the shortest notice, all you need do is give us a call, and we will be there.

Lastly, we must encourage you to work with us because you have more to gain (not like you have anything to lose). We have the equipment, well-trained experts, and customer-friendly policies that benefit everybody. We have never doubted our ability to deliver sound, professional services to our customers for a day, and we are not planning to relent in that attitude. Yes, we can do this because we are Chicago Land Car Keys.

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