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Ignition is a car’s most important part; it is like a source where everything connects. It is a source where everything starts and ends. But the bad news is that this same part of the car is prone to damage; it is always vulnerable to wear and tear. This wear and tear comes from the constant inserting and removing of keys – the frequent movement of keys in the ignition also contributes to its malfunctioning. Another reason for damages in ignitions can be attributed to manhandling by car thieves who can even rip the whole ignition system off in an attempt to steal the car.

The good news is, most ignition problems can be diagnosed and the problem fixed with less effort. Here in Chicago Land Car Keys, we are more than capable of handling any issue associated with ignitions. We are equipped with the right diagnostic and repair tools, and our locksmiths are well trained, certified,  and experienced in carrying out this operation within a specific time range.

What Are The Signs Of A Faulty Ignition?

There are many signs of a faulty ignition, the bad ones are usually too difficult to diagnose, but with the right tools and the right people, it can be done. Let’s take for instance; many car owners believe that the inability of a car engine to start is due to a dead or faulty battery. This unconfirmed assumption has led many car owners to buy new batteries only to be disappointed when they finally fix them.

But sometimes, the sign can be obvious: when the key breaks while in contact with the ignition. Below, we have listed some common faults you will need the services of a locksmith.

  • When the broken part of a key is stuck in your ignition.
  • Blocked or dirty ignition. This might be a result of abandonment.
  • Physical damage as a result of tampering.
  • The key doesn’t switch off the ignition anymore.
  • Faulty ignition key.
  • The key is sticky when it enters the ignition.
  • The key is stuck with the ignition. As in, it won’t come out.
  • The key can’t start the engine.
  • The key can turn normally but cannot start the engine.

Isn’t it Better to Visit Either a Mechanic or the Dealer?

While your dealer or authorized mechanic can fix your ignition problem, there are compelling reasons to see a locksmith:

That’s the first question that comes to your mind when you start experiencing things like this. But the thing is, even while the authorized mechanics or dealer can run a repair on your ignition, there are still some strong reasons to visit a locksmith. Some of them include:

  • Conveniences

How many times have you had your dealer mechanic come to their customers for repairs? That is it, they are not often mobile, but locksmiths are. Locksmiths are always available to come to your location to solve your problems, unlike a dealer or mechanic. This is what we represent in Chicago land car keys: convenience. We assist you in emergencies; we have the right equipment to travel that distance to solve your problem.

  • Schedule

Unlike mechanics and dealers, locksmiths don’t have opening and closing hours; they are freelancers. They can come even in your homes and render same-day service. Again, the customers won’t have to bother about leaving their cars in any dealer’s garage waiting to be repaired, of which, sometimes that repair may never happen.

  • Specialized Expertise

If you are observant, you will notice that mechanics and dealers have less technical skills compared to locksmiths when it comes to ignition and locks. Because locksmiths are specialists in their niche, they perform more accurate, reliable,  and fast diagnoses than an average mechanic or Dealer.

  • Price

Even with their less-skilled characteristics, they charge higher than locksmiths. With all the equipment and replacement tools at our disposal, we are ready to offer a competitive price that even dealers and mechanics won’t dare afford.

So, make do to contact us today, and remember that consultation is free. We are Chicago Land Car Keys, and to make your ignition work again, is our priority.

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