Ignition Housing Rebuild

Problems With The Ignition Keys Of The VW Volkswagen Jetta

Locked, hard to turn, and the key breaks

In general, a car is a masterpiece that develops through the joints’ functionality, something like a well-oiled car, where poor functionality of one part affects the other. To maintain such a complex but complete working vehicle, which operates at the highest level, first-rate services are required. In other words, a small part of the car that doesn’t seem relevant if given to the wrong group of people can cause the functionality of the whole vehicle to deteriorate, which no one would want.

The Volkswagen Jetta, a small family car, has been in the market from 1979 until today. This car has been used with excellent results for many years, and many people attest that it is unique. However, many newer models are also equipped with innovative ideas and new technologies, but with one constant that many seem to notice, turning the key and starting it. I mean, to imagine that you want to go somewhere urgently and have problems starting the engine would be very annoying.

This is not an indicator of a defect in the production of many Volkswagen Jetta models, but rather a symptom of a specific problem that needs to be addressed. Whenever the VW Jetta has a powerful ignition, a high rotational force is required, which in most cases results in the key being disconnected from the remote control box. This indicates one thing: The housing mechanism of your VW ignition is damaged internally or soon will be.

Concerning this issue, at Chicago Land Car Keys, we have the experience and resources to access appear on site and correct any situation you find yourself in, same day or next, depending on proximity and other factors such as the availability of parts at the dealer. Based on experience and the severity of the situation, we should rebuild the current VW ignition box or place a new one. Still, both options come with a warranty so that the user can be confident the process was accurately done.

This problem occurs with many VW models and Audi, where the VW key refuses to turn, and when it turns, it does not exceed the accessory position. Another situation that arises is that the key is attached to the VW’s ignition cylinder, which is as problematic as the first two scenarios. With Chicago Land Car Keys, we have the solution to eliminate the cost of dealer diagnostics or the cost associated with towing the vehicle to the shop.

The best of Chicago Land Car Keys’s services is the replacement of parts on-site, like the VW steering lock, as well as the locking of the VW Jetta or a damaged ignition. We also refurbish the switchblade key if it is lost from the shell, as there is a better chance the switchblade will break and leave you stranded, which you don’t want.

Compared to other companies, we offer additional services, such as VW ignition cylinder maintenance for all Volkswagen Jetta models, rekeying, rebuilding, and replacing all parts requiring repair. We put customer satisfaction first by setting a price for each repair needed and not labeling it as cheap with “hidden costs,” which complicates things more than they should do.

 We take our customer satisfaction to heart, as we make sure the job is done correctly and prioritize any questions about the job once it’s completed. Customer satisfaction comes from the repair or replacement of a damaged part and the vehicle owner’s satisfaction with the services provided.

Chicago Land Car Keys locksmiths specialize in car keys and ignition cylinders, key programming and key locking mechanisms, and key restoration and repair. We also provide essential on-site loss services for 90% of vehicles, so customers don’t have to worry about stock availability or on-time delivery.

The services we offer are first-class and regardless of the difficulty associated with the work. With our mobility, nobility, and experience, we offer the best set of services you can imagine. We only provide the best and satisfying services, something that is rare to find today.

We possess a mobile locksmith van service for Chicago, Burbank and surrounding areas.

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