Are you having problems with your remote keys? Then we will like to say welcome to Chicago Land Car Keys and FOB key repairs. With our damaged remote repair department, your key is in safe hands. We are specialists in both remote control boxes and car keys. We have over the years, recorded a high rate of success in repairing remote car keys regardless of the model. But we must confess, repairing damaged key FOBs can be pretty expensive; some of them cost hundreds of dollars. Nevertheless, we will recommend you at least try to see if you can repair the damaged one, but in a situation whereby you can’t, going for a new one might be the best solution – it will also save cost.

Common faults:

  • Malfunctioning of the Lock and unlock buttons.
  • Crack, breaking, or wearing the outer casing.
  • Malfunction due to broken battery holders and connectors.
  • Malfunction due to water-damaged FOBs.

Also, note that we also provide services like replacing FOB outer casings for effective functionality. And don’t bother about the consultation fee, it is free. So, now you can walk in or call our phone lines to talk with our expert one-on-one.


Some Easy ways to get your Damaged Remotes Repaired

Damages on remote car keys are not always electronic, neither is it always electrical.  Some of the faults can be physical, depending on the skill and scope. The thing is, whether it is a damaged remote or a car key, it can be done with DIY instruction. But if you are unlucky enough not to achieve this using DIY, a visit to our electronic locksmith is strongly recommended.

We will also recommend you do the same with those keys that have either warred off to a point where they can’t activate the car lock or cut into two places. When these two things happen, these keys will turn the locking mechanism. But for those remote keys with slight damage, they cannot unlock the car; it is recommended that you check the error location using another valet key (if available). If all the keys fail eventually, then your key is definitely faulty. But in a case where the replacement keys are working, then you have succeeded in identifying the cause, and this is where we come in.

You may be surprised to hear this, but repairing damaged remotes or car keys that are physically intact is more complicated. Even changing the dead battery might not be as easy as it seems. This is because car keys make use of transponders that are linked to a specific car. While replacing a battery, when the car battery circuit is interrupted, the connection between the steering column and the switch chip may be lost. Still nevertheless, a small reprogramming may be required.

As far as the remote is not damaged, it is only left for the car manufacturer to take the required steps needed to repair the key and the car itself.

Other reasons remote car key owners will need to repair their faulty or damaged remotes include:

Many factors can lead to damaged remote, but the commonest of them are water damage, probably as a result of being caught in the rain, forgetting them in your pockets, and mistakenly soaking them in the water. Other factors include throwing them in a paddle or trying to color them with soda or coffee.

You have to also know that trying to repair a damaged remote doesn’t necessarily mean that you must visit the dealer. All you need is to contact the right people on the job, and nobody does it better than Chicago Land Car Keys. We are ever ready to replace those remote keys even at a cheaper rate, lower than your dealers can ever offer you. You are welcome.  

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