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Many people underestimate the importance of having an emergency backup key set. It’s a relatively inexpensive and easy way to avoid all kinds of complications in the future and one of the ideal ways to minimize the hassle and cost of losing keys or locking your car.

Here at Chicago Land Car Keys, our locksmith machines use the best blank keys and use the latest car key duplication technology to ensure a clean and precise key with an accuracy rate of nearly 99%, faster, and more convenient than your dealer or competing locksmith companies.

Common Reasons For Car Key Duplication

There are several good reasons for duplicating keys. Whether it’s a convenience, emergency preparedness, or cost-cutting, the need for a spare key set is undeniable. Here are some common reasons for key duplication:

Auto Key Wear And Tear

Over time, the key blade may wear out due to repeated contact with the sides of the ignition. This will cause the key to loosen in the ignition and cause problems when igniting or unlocking your car. When this occurs, you will need to change the key, and you will want a completely new, unused key to work with to ensure maximum accuracy and functionality for the new key.

Broken keys are the widely known cause of blockages. With multiple keys on hand, you can prevent a key from taking all the wear and tear when switching from one key to another.

Multiple Users

This is probably the most common reason people have duplicate keys. With multiple people using the same vehicle, it’s usually easier to have only one set of keys for each user instead of sharing just one set amongst each other.

Having more than one person using a single set of keys also increases the chances of losing keys. When each individual has their own set of keys, they are solely responsible for keeping it under control and, if lost, there will always be one close at hand.

Lockout Prevention

In the case of a lockout due to the loss of keys or locked keys in the car, you can avoid paying a locksmith to open the lock if you have an extra set of keys in a safe and accessible location. This is one of the cases where the spare key can save you time and money.

Looking For A Set Of Duplicate Keys?

If you’re looking for a duplicate key set, why not turn to Chicago’s most trusted locksmith, Chicago Land Car Keys.

Our specialized locksmith team will provide you with our advanced key cutting tools and years of locksmith experience. We’ll whisk you in and out with a new set of keys in a fraction of the time it takes your dealer, at a price that would put our competitors on their toes.

Contact us today to find out how Chicago Land Car Keys can help you with all of your locksmith needs!

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